Bad College Roommates # 2

From L.G. in NYC:
Well, here are a few …

I was in a two bedroom, four person suite. My roommate and I got along great. Our suite mates, on the other hand… They just talked a lot. Not to us, really. Or to each other, for that matter. But to themselves. They regularly talked to themselves. And as for one of the two in particular, to the extent she did speak to my roommate or me, she might mutter to herself, then storm out yelling.

Post college – I was sharing an apartment with two women. One day, I found that a mug my grandmother had given me was broken. I asked both roommates about it. Both denied having broken it. The next day, there was a “Life in Hell” cartoon posted to the fridge. In the cartoon, one of the little creatures was beating the other little creature over the head. Title of the little cartoon – “Roommates”. I put a lock on my bedroom door and got rid of the roommates.

Seems that people who talk to themselves follow me around, because my law school roommate would do the same thing. She would walk around the apartment talking to herself. May as well have had a third roommate.

Then there was someone my roommate and I let crash on our floor for what was supposed to be a few days. (She was waiting for a dorm assignment.) That turned into a week, then a month, then most of the semester. She had no apparent intention of leaving. She was on the crew team. Because she regularly slept through her alarm clock, she got 5am phone calls from her teammates equally regularly. Then there was the morning my roommate and I woke up to find (and trip over) some guy she brought in from who knows where so that he could crash on our floor too.


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