Did I get your attention?

Not long ago, I received one of those “get to know me” emails that promised to be “different from the rest”. Indeed, it was different, so I filled in the answers and sent it on to my friends. One of the questions asked us to list 4 web sites we visit daily. Imagine my distress over trying to decide which four to list!

When I received the quiz from Liz (I crack myself up), I zeroed in on the list of 4 web sites. We had a blog in common! But it was another blog that caught my attention: Bitch PhD. If you like opinionated, pro-XX writing, you might enjoy this blog. Not surprisingly, she’s a staunch advocate of the MAP, or Plan B, contraceptive.

Here’s an excerpt of a letter someone wrote to her about her experience when she tried to get the Plan B pill: “What happened to me could happen to anyone. I happen to know my rights, and the (federal) law, and am old enough and cranky enough to get in people’s faces. And yet, I felt abused and humiliated by my experience. In order to get medical treatment that is perfectly legal, and which exists in part to prevent pregnancy and the possibility of actual abortion, I had to humble myself and jump through someone else’s hoops. But what if I hadn’t had a car? a flexible schedule? been young and insecure? not had insurance? How is it that my freedoms as a citizen do not include being treated civilly and humanely by the medical establishment of my community?”

You should go there and read the whole story. It’s pretty disturbing. (Click the title of this post to go to the blog. Click HERE to read the post with the letter.)

Maybe we can get her interesting in championing the cancer vaccine for girls that some religious groups oppose because then GIRLS, ‘may see it as a licence to engage in premarital sex’. Dear god. Ambivalent about You, am perplexed by your followers.

Oh yeah. I LOVE the mast at Bitch PhD. Be sure to notice it.


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