Project Runway Recaps

Yes, I’m addicted to Project Runway. ::shaking my fist at Susan in an old lady sort of way::

I’m also addicted to the recap that gets posted every Monday by Rich at fourfour. Why is Rich’s blog my recap of choice? Not only does he give us screen shots and sound clips, but he also writes a funny, smart, and often obscene recap of the previous Wednesday’s episode.

AND, just as faaabulous are the comments from his readers. For example, something like this:

“Speaking of alternate universes, I picked up a copy of Elle recently and was treated to a brief paragraph by none other than Ms. Nina Garcia herself, and lemme tell ya — there ain’t no faster way to draw the foul-smelling air outta someone’s critical sails than to read the kind of breezy, fash-mag prose that makes Vincent’s usual pronouncement seem like Kierkegaard. I ain’t scared of her no more. I could take her. Posted by: MRKinLA

Might be followed by something like this:

“I think Jeffrey is the most irritating person EVER on that show. Santino made nasty comments but they were dead on. Jeffrey’s comments are so childish and ridiculous, and his clothes are ugly. I feel sorry for his mom – at a certain level of conscience she is aware that she opened her legs and a total dick head came out of her vagina. Posted by: Crazy about the girl

Both preceded by this:

“I think Vincent won because the warlords from his planet had mind control over the judges.
I have 4 kids. Laura’s right. It’s just one more. Good news? More little bartenders. Posted by: Lisa V

I mean, really. You get it all.


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  1. -Deb-

    I’m very partial to the EW TVWatch columns… a favorite bit from last week:

    …the tiara goes to… Kayne! Why? Because Kayne lost 110 pounds. That’s right — he lost an entire supermodel, plus a second supermodel’s leg and head. And in the land of Project Runway, anyone can be a reformed substance abuser, but it takes a big man to admit you were…a big man.

    August 31, 2006 at 2:59 pm

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