Buncha Losers

Why, look. It’s Heckuvajob Brownie, Dubya, and that queer liberal alcoholic Foley. And – is it? It IS! – That’s J.E.B. in the background, bringin’ up the rear, so to speak.

From WaPost:

John Aravosis of Americablog, who was the first to pick up on my Fordham story, explains why he didn’t go public sooner on Maf54:

“I published the Foley emails on my blog last Thursday after ABC News story broke. I had received the emails in July, as I already explained on this blog last Thursday, but I didn’t think it was appropriate to publish allegations of pedophilia/child sex predation, even against a member of the other political party, until I had all the facts (and not being Speaker Hastert, it’s not like I had access to the House GOP leadership, to Foley or the pages to quiz them about the emails). Shortly after I received the emails, I found out that CREW had also received copies of the emails and had immediately passed them to the FBI. I figured that took care of the situation (silly me to trust George Bush’s FBI, they didn’t investigate) and I let the issue go until I saw ABC had published the story last week and that Foley had confirmed to ABC that the emails were real.”


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