Follow the Script

From the Washington Post:

Need a grand summary of GOP talking points on the scandal? Dick Polman helpfully provides one:

“1. The ‘all in good fun’ defense. Tony Snow, the White House press secretary and one-time conservative commentator, tried this one yesterday. He dismissed Foley’s chatter with the kids as ‘simply naughty.’

“2. The ‘yeah, well, what about Bill Clinton?’ defense. This one was to be expected. Commentator Ben Stein wrote yesterday that Foley is just ‘a poor misguided Republican man who had a romantic thing for young boys,’ but that’s nothing compared to ‘a man named Bill Clinton who did not send suggestive emails as far as we know, but who had a barely legal intern give him oral sex. . . .

“3. The ‘who’s out to get us?’ defense. Mark Levin, an attorney for a conservative legal foundation, blogged Sunday that the real outrage in the Foley case is that somebody was leaking about Foley to the press on the eve of the ’06 elections: ‘The timing of this revelation has more to do about helping Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats than protecting teenagers.’ (But Brian Ross, who broke the saga late last week on the ABC News website, indicated in a New York Times story today that his sources were Republican.)

“4. The ‘homosexual agenda’ defense. One top religious conservative group, the Family Research Council, broke its silence on the story late yesterday by arguing that, even though ‘the slow response’ of House leaders is noteworthy, ‘the real issue’ is that Foley is proof of the depravity of gay behavior — because he demonstrates ‘the link between homosexuality and child sexual abuse.’ (Actually, many abuse experts have long concluded the overwhelming majority of men who sexually abuse children live their lives as heterosexual men.)”


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