Zombies and Vampires and Ghosts… oh my.

From: Best_Horror_Movies.com:

Dear Zombie Master,

I like what you’ve written on this site very much indeed. One question though. This is actually something that I have thought about from time to time, but have never brought up among zombie lovers for fear of being ripped apart myself…

Evil Dead is considered a classic by many, many people. I love it myself. It is also often referenced when speaking of zombie movies. But…the “zombies” in ED did not die before becoming freaky, so doesn’t this break the rules of zombiedom and put ED in the same catagory as, say, 28 days later in terms of the monsters not actually being zombies at all???

DS, Atlanta GA

Hey DS,

You are not the first to ask this question and your fears are well placed. This question has brought about results that were not so pretty when asked among the more rabid of my brethren but I will try to do my best to clarify.

With Evil Dead we are introduced to the zombie species known as “Zombus Demonicus”, or Demon Zombie. This species is created when a member of the “Evil Dead” possesses a member of the living. Now this is not an “Exorcist” possession. The difference is that Regan did not die from the possession (though she could have). When the Evil Dead possess, they must kill who they inhabit, thus the zombie is created instantaniously. Also, the possessor, not the possessee, is the one speaking so technically, that rule is not broken either. The only one known to have escaped a possession was Ash himself but some think that he is immortal anyway so that is his excuse.

BTW. Another thing I would watch out for when you are among the brethren is comparing Evil Dead with 28 Days Later. They tend to get a little testy when someone does that. Just trying to watch a brother’s back.

Aim High,
The Zombie Master”


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