Philosophical Health Check

Check your Tension Quotient!

To take the philosophical health check (PHC), go through the statements below, selecting for each one ‘agree’ or ‘disagree’. If not sure, select the response which is closest to your opinion. When you have answered all the questions, click the ‘submit’ button and the results of your check will be generated.

The PHC does not judge whether your responses are right or wrong, so feel free to answer as honestly as you can. Each statement is carefully worded, so do pay attention to what each one actually says.

Enjoy the check-up!

How the PHC works

The PHC is designed to identify tensions or contradictions (a Tension Quotient) between various beliefs that you have. The PHC does not aim to identify which of your beliefs are true or false, but where the set of beliefs you hold may not be compatible with each other.”
You can find the test HERE.


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