Que Sera Sera: Shut up, Fish!

Que Sera Sera: Attention: I have some things to say about Goldfish snack crackers.:

“So, in my old lady anger, I actually went to the Pepperidge Farm Goldfish snack cracker website, which encouraged me to “Meet Finn,” the bespectacled cheese-flavored fish. Or maybe he’s original flavor; it’s unclear. Nonetheless, he is joined by my own snack selection, the Wussy Pretzelfish, as well as some spicy ethnic rake, and then a spunky wanton tomboy, clearly the poor man’s Marion from Raiders. I was looking for some explanation, some backstory, but it was nowhere to be found. There are all these games available, however, summoned by hovering your mouse over one of the fish. The one for my pretzelfish was entitled HELP GILBERT FIND HIS COMFORT ZONE and mentioned the POWERS OF POSITIVE THINKING. FOR A SNACK. Jesus H, P. Farms! I lingered too long near the tarted-up Parmesan ladyfish, and she coquetteishly said, “I challenge you to a game of Grabobblefish!” to which I actually snapped out loud, “Shut up, fish!” Then I got my cane and thrust it about the air in frustration until retiring to the couch to watch my stories. But seriously, can we please talk about this because I am riled up now.”
A little overdramatic, but perfect for my current mood. Plus, it has some fun parts. Click the link for the full blog entry.


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