Xtreme Ant Farms at 24Hours7Days

I’m not kidding. I’ll bet you can get it with cheese sauce and bacon.

“Xtreme Ant Farms

Most popular newcomer in ant farms! Better Homes and Garden recommended; The Right Toys recommended; National Parenting Publications Award Winner; Dr. Toy Best Vacation Product. An Xtreme Sports Park just for ants! Watch as live ants carve out rad tunnels in awesome 360 degree ant viewing zone. See them take on antrageous skate loops, climb the radical rock climbing wall, challenge the ragin’ street luge speedway and catch Big Air in the BMX biking arena. It’s the most fun ants have had since they skated off the farm! Xtreme Ants features highly detailed Xtreme Sports Park with trick towers, vertical ramps, gravity loops, climbing wall, bungee ravine, street luge speedway, and BMX biking arena. It has two built-in magnifiers for extreme ant watching! It’s break resistant and escape proof. It contains Xtreme tunneling sand, an Xtreme Ants Guide to Xtreme Ant Watching and Mail-In coupon for live ants. Outside US and Canada receives an ant catcher for certificate-live ants not available. Ages 4 and up. To check pricing or place your order online, click the *Continue* link. Information on how to place your order by fax or by telephone. Product Number UM0028 . “


One response

  1. Anonymous

    This is so ridiculous!

    December 21, 2006 at 1:04 pm

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