FourFour & YouTube

Another favorite blogger: Rich at FourFour

Rich’s groupies are addicted to his recaps of the “reality” products offered us by the business we call, “Show.” I started reading him for his recaps of Project Runway, but lately I’ve been reading his main claim to fame, the recaps of America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) – even though I don’t even watch it.

Below is an excerpt of a rant he just put up about losing his account with YouTube for posting copyrighted material.

Oh yeah, and… he has a cat named Winston and he looooooves “Chunk” (men with love handles).

“This means, by the way, that every single thing that I ever uploaded to YouTube is gone. No more Winston videos (which, obviously, were my property but I guess Winston’s guilty by association?). No more Liza on Larry King. No more Living Dolls. No more meth insanity. No more Mrs. World. No more Florrie.


My YouTube account very quickly became a survey of so many things that caught my interest over the year that I had it. And that’s not even mentioning all of my saved favorites and subscriptions. All gone. Making sure the door hits my ass on the way out, YouTube won’t even let me re-register under a different name, using the same email. I tried that earlier tonight, figuring that I might as well start from scratch, at least for the sake Winston (won’t anyone think of the cat?!?!)…


As much as this sucks for me and my borderline OCD need to document and log everything (and see how many other people are affected by it), I think it sucks for everyone’s future. I don’t know how many other people have encountered such unceremonious banishment at this point (I don’t think it’s been too many, considering the amount of unaccounted for copyrighted material still up), but people should get ready for it. The future of YouTube is no YouTube. The halcyon days are over. As with Napster and AudioGalaxy, the one-stop shop is closing. If all YouTube amounts to eventually is talking, empty heads, commercials and the most obvious of buzzworthy material (Andy Samberg, you have a bright low-def future ahead of you!), will you still use it as ravenously as you presumably do now? I won’t.

I’m not trying to say that the end starts with me, but I do think my situation is another sign of the changing face of YouTube that may very well lead to ultimate irrelevance. The end probably started when Google acquired it, although maybe even before that. YouTube maybe swallowed itself. As soon as it hit its peak, the end was neigh. It needed to be popular to be able to be comprehensive, but as soon as something attracts that much attention, suits and corporations are necessarily part of the crowd that’s stopping by.

What sucks about this is that, in so many cases, it’s just a matter of red tape. I guess YouTube technically promotes piracy, but it’s not the all-out theft that drives P2Ps. YouTube provides access to stuff that can’t be bought, stuff that would go unwatched anyway. Corporations will complain about others making money off their material without licensing, but this is all money chasing money disguised as money chasing principle.”


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