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Wimbledon to Pay Men and Women Equally


AP Sports Writer

WIMBLEDON, England (AP) – After years of holding out against equal prize money, Wimbledon yielded to public pressure Thursday and agreed to pay female players as much as male players at the world’s most prestigious tennis tournament.

The All England Club fell in line with other Grand Slam events and offered equal pay through all rounds at this year’s tournament.

“Tennis is one of the few sports in which women and men compete in the same event at the same time,” club chairman Tim Phillips said at a news conference. “We believe our decision to offer equal prize money provides a boost for the game as a whole and recognizes the enormous contribution that women players make to the game and to Wimbledon.

“In short, good for tennis, good for women players and good for Wimbledon.”

Last year, men’s champion Roger Federer received $1.170 million and women’s winner Amelie Mauresmo got $1.117 million.

“It is a victory for women’s tennis, and a victory for women in general,” Mauresmo said Thursday after reaching the semifinals of the Dubai Open. “It was really a matter of principle. It is a question of equality.”


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