Grossology Exhibit

“With his dripping nose, Nigel Nose-It-All
teaches kids the wonders of snot!”

Liz… Gregg… I think we should haul the kids up to the Maryland Science Center. Because I want to walk through a giant nose, visit the Vomit Center, and stop by the Toot Toot exhibit. Seriously. We’ll pack a lunch, and maybe have some little chocolate eyeballs for dessert.

From the web site for the exhibit:

  • Walk through a giant nose to learn about air filtering, air heating, olfaction and mucus production.
  • Climb a human skin wall with warts, hairs, wounds and other objects that act as hand and foot holds. Discover more about features such as pimples, blisters, pores, bruises and scabs as they relate to the epidermis.
  • Visit the “Vomit Center” and learn the many reasons why humans vomit.
  • Stop by the “Toot Toot” exhibit to create different sounds that replicate the physics of gas.
  • Help a larger-than-life cartoon character release a giant burp by pumping soda from a three-foot can to make him drink and increase his stomach pressure.
  • Play “Gas Attack” pinball and collect points off bumpers dressed up as food items.
  • Crawl and slide through a 30-foot long 3-D model of the digestive system.
  • Watch an X-ray machine to see how food is digested.
  • Listen to various sounds the body makes, such a stomach gurgles, air movement in the lungs, heart beating and gulping in the throat by pressing buttons on a cartoon body.
  • Find out what causes runny noses, sneezes and allergies from Nigel Nose-it-All.
  • Microscope stations also feature things that cause runny noses.
  • Learn how boogers are formed by launching dirt balls into a larger-than-life nose. Be careful though, it may sneeze and shoot back a slew of dirt balls!
  • Play surgery and attempt to remove organ parts from a body without touching the sides of the patient.
  • Match odors with the correct area of the body: arm pits, lower intestine, mouth or feet.
  • Act as a kidney by using blue-screen technology to grab waste elements and remove them from the blood stream.
  • Test your Grossology IQ with a multiple-choice challenge or play the Grossology CD with exploratory labs, puzzles, games and other computer activities.

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