Don’t worry. The Miata’s fine.

In response to Susan’s post about her belt-less vacuum cleaner, allow me to do a simple cut and paste of the story I told my boss about the my morning yesterday:

“The car’s fine. The cab hit me at the corner where Filene’s and the Mayflower are, right in the middle of the intersection. I put the hand brake on (I was in the Miata), and got out to check the damage.

Everything seemed fine, so I went back to get in and drive away, and the car was locked. So there it sat, in the middle of the intersection, no flashers, and the engine running. The cabbie tried to help, a Mayflower doorman got a hanger for us to try to use, two guys who spoke only Spanish pulled over and tried to help, and finally a cop stopped and tried to help. The cop called another cop who had a car opening kit.

Once he got there, he managed to unlock it and we all moved on. My neck and head hurt a little, but I think it’s mostly from the stress. I’ve been crying since it happened, which just annoys me. It didn’t help that people were honking at me and yelling at me to pull the car over or to put on the flashers. One woman from the sidewalk kept yelling at me to get away from the car and get on the sidewalk (for my own safety), but when I did, it just made the other matters worse because people couldn’t tell something was wrong. It was just ugly.”

I was incredibly traumatized yesterday from being rear-ended by a cab; however, today, I’ve managed to reach the point where one corner of my mouth raises slightly when I think about my car sitting locked in the middle of an intersection in downtown D.C. with the motor running. I’ll keep you posted on any further smile developments.


One response

  1. Cant Sit Still

    i bet you are smiling now. i am feeling for you, dawg.

    April 8, 2007 at 10:30 pm

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