Passover Peeps & Other Stuff

So… I always scan the sidebar links at Dooce because she usually posts some fun stuff. Like, for example, Passover Peeps. The poor woman who posted her Passover Peeps photos on Flickr was dumbfounded that, as of my last check, she had nearly 15,000 views. In fact, she put up a comment that was basically, a WTF? I sent this to 11 of my friends! Go here to see them if you haven’t already. They’re quite special. (Update: The set is up to 33,000 views now. Look at it this way – my most popular photo – that of the asses of gay men at Pride – has 824 views.)

Also, while you’re wandering around on the web, go see Defective Yeti’s proposal to, “greatly reduce the overabundance of youtube commenters, MySpacers, and bloggers.” You grammar geeks won’t be sorry.

If you’re into making lemonade out of lemons, you’ll enjoy “Spamusement.” It has nothing to do with Monty Python, sorry. BUT, it is a collection of comics inspired by spam subject lines.

Speaking of Monty Python… If you’re a fan of MP and of the fabulous video game, Halo, go here to watch a very clever meld of the two.

I know, I know, some of you have already seen some of these… But those of you who just delete my emails ::pointing:: probably haven’t.

Also, take a look at the LINKS in the sidebar here. I’ve updated them! My next goal is to update the photos over there.

And finally – while I’m not willing to commit to anything yet, I hope to start actually writing something now and then on this blog instead of just throwing crap in it like some sort of attic for stuff I find on the Internet. It’ll all depend on how much time I have and if I have anything to say. We’ll see. I might just change my mind and just post YouTube videos until they’re sued out of existence.


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