Snorkeling Photos

You will find yesterday’s snorkeling photos at the Flickr Site. If you’ve ever wondered if you should get an underwater case for your digital camera (and you know who you are – there are at least two of you), use this set of photos to help you decide.

Clearly, Courtney was not listening to the guide when she took this photo.


As for blogging our trip, we haven’t really felt motivated to sit and write. We’ve (I’ve) been slow to move in the mornings, which makes Courtney antsy. Then, when we get back from our day out, we just want to drink some beer and play cribbage.

Go see the other photos at the Flickr site… Or you’ll get way behind.


Yes. We seem to be more interested in vacationing. I guess that’s the bottom line. So as I suspected, not committing to daily blogging was wise on my part. But, oh, we have so much to tell… about the tiny, tenacious mosquitos (Courtney is considering pursuing a second career as a mosquito killer) and the “hit and run” scorpion. Not to mention directions to our B&B, and how dining in Bonaire is a lot like going to the bathroom at a concert.

Another time. For now, just look at the pictures. This morning we’re headed to the National Park, and this afternoon, we snorkel again. Tomorrow, we snorkel in the morning with one guide, and tomorrow NIGHT, we do a night snorkel with another guide. I’m really interested in seeing if we can get photos out of that. Thursday, we have another guided snorkel in the morning, and we may snorkel at the National Park in the afternoon. Friday, we have our dive lesson in the pool, followed by an open water dive. Then, we’ll have a “rum punch” cruise on a sailboat, and afterward we will have a bbq at the B&B.

Saturday morning, we’ll head back home and start planning our next visit here.

This one’s for you, Kyle. (Courtney’s sister.)



2 responses

  1. Laura

    About that photo for Kyle…oh my…

    April 15, 2007 at 4:11 pm

  2. YoBimbo

    Yes, this young man from Venezuela has become quite popular. ;)

    April 15, 2007 at 6:01 pm

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