It’s not just Overheard in NY anymore.

Discovered via Heck’s Kitchen.

Overheard in the Office | The Voice of the Cubicle

4PM Yeah, Baby, the Pusher Knows What You Need

Coworker on phone: I’ll meet you down at the corner. Bring me anything you have that is SpongeBobby or princessy.

East Marshall Street
Richmond, Virginia

10AM Which Is Also Part of the Joke

Mid-level manager #1: I’ve become a running joke.
Mid-level manager #2: Really? I didn’t know you knew that.
Mid-level manager #1: [Long pause] I just caught on.

Los Angeles, California

Overheard by: Cube dweller


Courtney, this one’s for you:

5PM Donnie Only Pretends to Take the Ritalin

Giftie #1: ‘Quixotic’ is so the best word you can make in Scrabble.
Giftie #2: It is not. The best is– Oooh! Ice cream truck!

Bayview and Eglinton Avenue
Toronto, Ontario


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