Stupid ankle. Stupid elbow.

Check out my graph from Weight Watchers. See? There’s a definite downward trend. I think this is one of the reasons Weight Watchers is working for me. I love the calculators and the graphs and the – yes, I’ll say it – GADGETS. No, I do NOT read USA Today.

Weight Loss 042607

I also like that I know when I can *splurge* – you know, on stuff like martinis and pizza.

Note that I’m NOT showing you the pounds (NOYB), and that the line went slightly up on 4/16, the Monday following our vacation. I know I told everyone that I didn’t gain weight over vacation. I didn’t lie.

See… I’m one of those people who, umm, saves up until I get home, unless the situation becomes critical. If you know what I mean. (Is that too much information? Should I warn you in the future before writing about stuff like that? I mean, how can I become the next Dooce if I don’t talk about things like that? Wait. Do I even want to be the next Dooce?)

 Anyway, once my body was very, VERY certain it was back home, I promptly dropped, like, 3 pounds. Over the course of a couple of days or so.

 WW is concerned, however, that I’ve had a couple of weeks with weight loss in excess of 2 pounds. Losing weight too fast is not good for you. They included a link to information about that, but I didn’t bother to read it because I know that won’t be a problem for the next couple of weeks, at least.

I’ve been a racquetball junkie since I started this whole thing, and…

I’ve practically run Courtney into non-existence with all the time we’ve spent on the court. (90 minutes of racquetball is 16 points! Do you have any idea how many martinis that is??) Unlike me, Courtney has the kind of metabolism that will allow her to eat a side of beef, go to the gym for a couple of days, and LOSE weight. Poor thing has had to eat MORE these days just to maintain a healthy weight – but you should see the muscles in her legs!

Anyway, back to ME… I’ve overdone it on the racquetball. I have peroneal tendonitis in my ankle, and lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow), which hurts like a m’f’er.

peroneal tendon

Tennis Elbow

I got a brace for my ankle from a podiatrist, so that’s much better, thank you. But the elbow thing… well, I tried to outsmart it, like I usually do, and got one of those straps that goes around the forearm. Then we played racquetball for 90 minutes. Probably some of the best 90 minutes we’ve ever played. My elbow ached only slightly. Woohoo! The strap thingie worked!

 Next day and today? I almost have to use both hands to lift my glass of water. It appears that I am NOT smarter than my tendon, and that the only thing I can do now is take ibuprofen, ice my elbow and wait.

 So, no need to be concerned, WW. It looks like I’m going to have to drag myself onto the treadmill and the recumbent bike, where I get 1 point for every 10 minutes, which means fewer martinis.


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  1. Deb

    Yea, Deb! I respond well to the logical aspect of dieting as well… I’ve found that once I started paying attention, trade-offs weren’t that hard… I can have pizza for dinner tonight, but I have to make sure that I do better tomorrow, or I have to work out an extra day this week, that sort of thing. It’s a pretty simple way of ensuring that I’m making sacrifices that I wouldn’t have been making in the days BC (Before Counting)!

    April 27, 2007 at 2:51 pm

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