Currently the Kitty Kastle is available only in the “Medieval Corrugated & Sharpie” style.

Go there and read the Q&As. Got this from Sarah.

At E-Bay: Kitty Kastle: Basic – Hand Made Cardboard Cat House

Q: Are you absolutely sure that there are no suicidal Danes inhabiting this castle? How about Regicidal Scots? I’ve been burned too many times before.

A: See my previous answer. Although I cannot promise that it will be without inhabitants, most could not survive the transit from here to there.

Q: Is there any provision in the sale and/or construction of the kitty castle for Saxon invasions or a possible inquisition? My kitty is not a great supporter of fear and surprise, (the two greated weapons of any inquisition)

A: The Kitty Kastle is a stout contender against a small army of kittens. Windows may be cut into murder holes and the gate turned into a hinged gate with draw ropes that your cat may use to close it in case of invasion. It’s only Achilles Heel is that it is created from a water soluble material. Any boiling oil or territorial marking could spell the demise of your kitty civilation.

Q: My kitty is a bit of a whore. She’s been known to hold some weekend benders when the catnips fresh. How many kitties will this hold at one time?

A: This can hold up to three mid-average size cats snugly. If you have a “hefty” cat you may fit two. Small kittens, you could fit several hundred. Dimensions are listed in one of the pictures.

Give the kitty you love the best treat you can!


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