If you’re still not convinced about visiting this site…

Go Fug Yourself

“Well Played/Fugged: Bjork

I got a text this weekend from a friend at Coachella, and it said:

Bjork is dressed like a Zulu warrior priestess at a luau.

My response was, “This is why Bjork is an international treasure.”

I mean, seriously, would anyone else decide to look like she’s presiding over a muppet sacrifice just because it’s where her performing mojo inspired her to go? No. Only Bjork. You can’t fug that kind of genius. She’s quite possibly a modern Wonder of the World. I feel like it would be amazing to live inside her mind for a few minutes. It wouldn’t be any of that boring day-to-day “I wonder where my Corn Flakes are” stuff. Instead she’d be all, “Whither the space elves with their Newt King? I need their milk, and man, why hasn’t Katie Holmes left that guy yet?” Forget everyone paying millions for a ride into space. Let’s book a head trip on the S.S. Bjork. “


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