Safe Content on Flickr

I guess I must have missed the news about this. Apparently, you can protect yourself from seeing certain images – like nudes – with Flickr’s content filter settings. I was browsing through the photostream of one of my contacts, and all of a sudden, I get this message:

Content Filter

Naturally, I was intrigued. In fact, I’ll bet I looked like a prairie dog with one eyebrow raised.

So I took a deep breath and clicked. (By the way, I learned last night – while reading the warnings on the treadmill, mind you – that the French word for “breath” is “souffle.” That just makes those lovely cheese creations even sexier for me.)

Anyway, the image that presented itself to me was that of a nude woman’s torso with beautiful tones and shadows. It was very tastefully done. The photo was cropped to display her body from her ribs to her knees. Her back was arched, one knee slightly bent. The photo is here if you want to see it. You may have to have a Flickr account to see it. (If that’s the case, email me at, and I’ll hook you up with a view. But it’ll cost you a quarter.)

Aside from thinking that I have to make sure I change my content filter settings – assuming I can find where they are – I was thinking that it’s a shame that there are people so intimidated by the human form that they would miss out on a beautiful photograph simply because it contains nudity and their content filter warned them away from it. Update: It seems that I can indicate the content settings on my OWN photos. Duh, yeah, as far as I’m concerned, all my photos are SAFE. I’m still looking to see if I can avoid getting the warning on other people’s photos. But then again, I kind of like the adventure of clicking “YES” to see the nastiness hidden behind the censor curtain.

But here’s the thing – it’s not a filter for children. If it were, it wouldn’t give me the option to go ahead and look at the obscenity, the sheer filthiness, the absolute HORROR that is an unclothed woman’s body.

THEN, something else caught my eye. At the top right of the page, there was another Flickr message:  “If you’ve changed your mind about wanting to see this content, you can ESCAPE.” This was followed by a button that demands Flickr to, “TAKE ME TO THE KITTENS!”

Naturally, I was intrigued.


Now, tell me. Do the Flickr people have a sense of humor, or what?  ;)


One response

  1. sfrikken

    Is why i love Flickr! Yay. Thanks for sharing that one. Now i want to go find my Flickr boundaries!

    May 5, 2007 at 11:33 am

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