I think I’m gonna have to do some shopping here.

ThinkGeek for Smart Masses.

ThinkGeek :: Iron-on Patches

“Portable apparel modification!

Do you have a lonely jacket or backpack that could use some company? Or maybe you just want to have one more way to show off your geekdom. Well we’ve got you covered. Just get one (or more!) of our Iron-on patches and problem solved. These are the same patches used on our work shirts, but they can go just about anywhere that an iron can.

Available in Geek, Hacker, 31337, Gamer, and Tux. Embroidered patches with heat-sensitive adhesive on the back. To apply, put the patch on the area that you wish to apply it to, cover with a cloth to prevent damage to the patch, and press a hot iron on the patch for several seconds until well-adhered. If properly adhered, it should be washable without coming off. For an extra measure of protection, you might want to sew the patch on!”


I’m just wondering, though… Are you still a geek if you buy geek apparel? Or would you be falling victim to a wannabe fad like that stupid trucker hat phase we had to endure not too long ago?

I mean, shouldn’t there be a TEST that you have to pass before you’re allowed to buy geek stuff? Nothing too difficult… just a little something to weed out the Ashton Kutchers of the world.


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