Lost America – Troy Paiva

Carhenge – a photoset on Flickr

Go see the photos in this set. This guy has become one of my favorite photographers, and he’s really gotten me thinking about trying some night photography. His usual haunts are old ghost towns, abandoned buildings, and junkyards.

Be sure to look at his other sets. This one is a set he shot on film 15 years ago (and, boy, can you tell the difference between now and then)!

This is what he wrote about this set:

“Shot on film, summer 1992.

I found this place by accident in the open desert behind a junkyard in Mojave, CA, this artistic pile of cars was constructed for an STP fuel additive commercial.

The whole thing was creaking and swaying in the wind.

It only stood for a few weeks before an earthquake knocked half of it down prompting the owners to take the rest of it down and scrap the cars. I was lucky to stumble on it- even if I couldn’t stick around to shoot it at night.”


One response

  1. Top shot, glad you picked this one, I’ve not seen it before. The guy rules big time. I love his work and he has been a great inspiration to me.

    September 7, 2008 at 9:18 am

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