awfull :S superb! Freak. hilarious Great!! we will win for sure this year! viva Ukraine!

See, I find so many wonderful things via my “daily” web sites. Again, this one was found while reading today’s Go Fug Yourself.

(omg. I just noticed that I have an advanced toolbar for formatting text! was this here all along? deb h.? do you know? oh dear, sweet jesus. i can have COLOR text now without switching to CSS!)

Anyway. Give me a minute to collect myself.


So. I found this while reading GFY, like I said. This is a performance from this year’s finals in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Eurovision 2007 Ukraine: Verka Serduchka – Danzing

Here’s what I just lifted from GFY, because I can’t do any better than this:

“Blessedly, the second-place finisher, transvestite singer Verka Serduchka (a.k.a. a man named Andriy), stepped up to the plate in honor of his/her native Ukraine.

I desperately hope our Ukrainian readers are sitting up tall in their seats going, “Yes! If I ever have to explain the essence of Ukraine to American bitches, THIS is the way!” Were Elton John to perform in Oz, these hybrids between the Tin Man and the Village People would be his entourage. No. 18 up there looks in serious danger of splitting his mylar pants. But who would notice? There’s a gold-dipped man in knee-socks playing a sparkly accordion and a human disco-ball with a star hat singing lead vocals. Who’s even paying attention to No. 18’s trousers?”

Okay, now go. Leave me alone with my wonderful newly discovered advanced text tools…


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