Happy Birthday, Ellen!!

For your birthday, a post about Star Trek and Star Wars weddings…

Found on Mental_Floss:

 “Your Wedding: Star Trek or Star Wars?

Young ladies planning their wedding sometimes want to recreate a fairytale fantasy for the big event. Their fiances sometimes counter by arguing that any decent childhood fantasy would involve light sabers. So the science fiction wedding is becoming more common.

Eric and Juli had a Star Wars wedding that included a Darth Vader groom’s cake and an impromptu light saber battle!

Matt Wiggens’ fiance said he could have Stormtrooper escorts from the 501st Legion at their wedding if he could get 10,000 people to join his FaceBook group. And they would use the Imperial March if he got 20,000. So far, he has over 14,000 members. The wedding isn’t until October, so the orchestra should go ahead and learn the tune.”

And, I LOVED The comment about this photo:

Star Trek Wedding.jpg

“Sid Morrison Says:

The blonde chick in the Star Trek is seriously hot. Absolutely NO WAY any decent looking real bride would go along with such dorkiness as a Star Trek wedding. That pic is obviously a promo shot for the people selling the Star Trek wedding packages… she probably really works at the Hilton front desk or something. It’s funny that the groom in that picture looks like a real Trekkie geek, though — I guess it’s intended to appeal to male Trekkie fantasies of the ideal wedding: marry some hot chick dressed up like Yeoman Rand (minus the beehive!) in a Star Trek wedding! hah hah…

Miss Cellania Says:

Yeah, that one is a promo picture. I found a few pictures of real weddings at The Experience, but I didn’t want to use personal pictures unless they had a webpage or a story to link to.”


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