None of these surprised me. Except Jim Thome.

Because I don’t like Jim Thome, and I’m embarrassed to admit why I don’t like him. Sometimes, and Courtney can back me up on this, I just don’t like people for the stupidest reasons. Take Thome, for instance. I don’t like him because he points his bat toward the pitcher. (“WTF, Thome? You think you’re Babe Ruth or somethin’?”) Seriously. That’s it. I have no other reason to dislike him. But I do, and that’s just how it is.

I found the link to this while visiting Jenny’s site, Heck’s Kitchen: – MLB – SI Players Poll: Friendliest/Unfriendliest MLB Player

SI Players Poll
[Based on a survey of 464 MLB players] Click HERE to react to this poll.
Who is the friendliest player in baseball?

Sean Casey, Tigers 1B…..46%
Jim Thome, White Sox DH…..7%
Mike Sweeney, Royals DH…..7%
Dave Roberts, Giants CF…..4%
David Ortiz, Red Sox DH…..4%
Johnny Damon, Yankees CF…..2%
Kevin Millar, Orioles 1B…..2%
Luis Gonzalez, Dodgers LF…..1%
Tony Clark , Dbacks 1B…..1%
Raul Ibanez, Mariners LF…..1%

Who is the least friendly player in baseball?

Barry Bonds, Giants LF…..26%
Jeff Kent, Dodgers 2B…..20%
A.J. Pierzynski, White Sox C…..13%
Alex Rodriguez, Yankees 3B…..12%
Randy Johnson, D-Backs P…..4%
Curt Schilling, Red Sox SP…..4%
Jose Guillen, Mariners RF…..2%
Milton Bradley, A’s CF…..1%
Jason Kendall, A’s C…..1%
Chipper Jones, Braves 3B…..1%

FAST FACTS: Players were not allowed to vote for a teammate…. No pitcher finished among the top 10 in the “friendliest” vote…. Among NL West players, Kent (31.3%) outpolled Bonds (13.6%) as “least friendly.” … Two years ago Hal McCoy, a Cincinnati Reds beat writer for 35 years, said, “There’s no debate, and there never will be a debate. Sean Casey is the nicest guy in professional baseball. Ever.”Photographs by Doug Benc/Getty Images; Brad Mangin/SI

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