G’bye Connecticut & N

I’m sure I’ll have more photos to post sometime in the near future…

But let’s start with the age-old tradition, one that goes back to the earliest days of office life… 

Carla the Vulture

Vulturing a departing co-worker’s shit.

I mean, seriously. THREE TIMES, I had to tell Marquis that he COULD NOT have my foot massager.

Let’s see… 1800 Cafe, right across the street. I’m not sure what the Paco Jeans t-shirt thing is all about…

Also at 1800, like clockwork…

Bill Milk

Then there are the handy I.S. people. Like…


And, this guy doesn’t work for either Fund… But he’s a back dock smoker, among other things.

Johnny the Republican.

He carries a picture of Dubya in his wallet.

Speaking of back dock smokers…


From my desk… One of my favorite toys. I posted about it a while back. One afternoon, I noticed what a lovely shadow it casts…


And then… a not so fun desk.


More to come.


One response

  1. Now THIS i like!! Documenting the leaving…the people…wow.

    June 8, 2007 at 3:14 pm

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