I think Dave has a bright future with USA Today.

In an email from a cute, yet nerdy, colleague (I like him even though he’s a Red Sox fan):

“Did I ever tell you we have this co-worker here, who will remain nameless, that does this strange cough-sneeze hybrid thing? We can never tell when it’s a cough and when it’s a sneeze. It’s odd. We call them cough-choos. One week I documented it.”

Take a look: Cough-Choo Record.

Then, after I told him I posted the Cough-Choo Record here, he wrote back: “That’s funny. Here’s another from like four years ago, it’s of Geno from the Pensions dept. He’s a big Cowboys fan and it was a chart of his feelings when the Redskins beat the Cowboys (they’re rivals apparently).”

I renamed the file: The Human Geno Project


One response

  1. Holy CRAP that’s funny!

    June 8, 2007 at 3:17 pm

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