The headline does NOT refer to the people at the shooting range we saw near Shenandoah last Sunday.

I can always tell when Courtney gets the itch to go to NYC.  ;)  She sent this to me, too. I’m posting my favorites, so click the article title for the whole thing.

Where the Pros Go to Shoot – New York Times


“Fifth Avenue is the most dynamic boulevard in the world. It’s got high and low, rich and poor, models and bike messengers, an incredible array of humankind that flows like a river in both directions. As an artist, working in the one-thousandth of a second, I hone my instincts so I can try to see in the disappearing moment something that is worth holding onto forever.”

JOEL MEYEROWITZ, a Bronx native, was the rare photographer with full access to ground zero after the Sept. 11 attacks.


“O.K., it’s changed a lot in the last 11 years since I’ve moved there, but it’s still very much New York. I’m a little bit of a romantic guy: I love the old buildings and fire escapes, and you still have that here. Of course, I love taking pictures of people, because I am a person. I’d rather take a picture of my neighbor than of Madonna.”

BERND OBERMANN, whose “New York Moments” was published by daab in 2005.”

And Jenny… thanks to you, I read that as Heck’s Kitchen.


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