Don’t forget about that Top Secret Clearance. That might be non-negotiable.

“Al Kamen – Making the Green Zone a Better Place –
Life’s a Beach, Even at Guantanamo

And this job opening on Craigslist yesterday:

“Reply to: —– Great Opportunity for Student taking on-line classes or anyone who wants quiet time to read and hang out at the beach!


* We are looking for a reliable and responsible person with basic office/administrative skills to TDY for 6 months in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and if all parties agree at the end of 6 months contract may be extended. Full-time position with large international company and benefits! If you can read, write, answer a phone, work a fax & basic office equipment then you are qualified. Must have active TS clearance. The work is an EASY 8 hours/day and is 6-7 days/wk. Time to read/study at work. Must show up for work on-time every day. Pay {tilde}$3500/month.””


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