Kip Hawley is…

TSA Chief Battles Blogger
By Tom Shoop | Monday, August 06, 2007 | 11:59 AM

Give Transportation Security Administation chief Kip Hawley points for bravery: He recently agreed to go toe-to-toe with security expert and blogger Bruce Schneier. It’s as tough an interview as you’ll ever see, and Hawley holds up his end of the fight pretty well. My favorite exchange is right up front:

Bruce Schneier: By today’s rules, I can carry on liquids in quantities of three ounces or less, unless they’re in larger bottles. But I can carry on multiple three-ounce bottles. Or a single larger bottle with a non-prescription medicine label, like contact lens fluid. It all has to fit inside a one-quart plastic bag, except for that large bottle of contact lens fluid. And if you confiscate my liquids, you’re going to toss them into a large pile right next to the screening station—which you would never do if anyone thought they were actually dangerous. Can you please convince me there’s not an Office for Annoying Air Travelers making this sort of stuff up?

Kip Hawley: Screening ideas are indeed thought up by the Office for Annoying Air Travelers and vetted through the Directorate for Confusion and Complexity, and then we review them to insure that there are sufficient unintended irritating consequences so that the blogosphere is constantly fueled. Imagine for a moment that TSA people are somewhat bright, and motivated to protect the public with the least intrusion into their lives, not to mention travel themselves. How might you engineer backwards from that premise to get to three ounces and a baggie?

(Hat tip: Danger Room)”

Did everyone catch the “Kip Hawley is an idiot” episode a while back?

And then there’s Googlism:

kip is looking for content
kip is about to introduce a new service
kip is touring the united states in support of the release of both the dance and his single “spiders & snakes”
kip is in de afgelopen decennia een wel heel bijzondere
kip is in need of a loving home in florida
kip is the right person to serve his country by representing us in the state senate
kip is dedicated to restoring control of education to local school districts
kip is clearly associated to differentiating cell popula
kip is an eighth grade student at thurston middle school where he receives a and b grades
kip is the projection that contains the noun
kip is considered as being one of the most successful upgrading programs worldwide
kip is currently the chairman of the council for entrepreneurial development
kip is veel duurder
kip is completing a book on the core causes of and the fundamental solutions to poor
kip is an avid long
kip is a very successful demigod
kip is a very solid company
kip is a master of meditative sound design
kip is a talented man is an understatement and does not do justice to him
kip is also a former sea kayaking instructor and intercollegiate rowing coach
kip is the youngest employee at aca and is without a doubt the smartest
kip is your place
kip is a weight equal to 1000 pounds
kip is a relatively recent introduction into south florida
kip is also a heart
kip is geen legkip
kip is from pollok school
kip is another one of those guys who started surfing in ocean city
kip is a sikh lieutenant
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kip is on the air weeknights
kip is at a snowboarding clinic
kip is intended as a learning experience
kip is currently involved with many museums and art education institutions
kip is not a place to “save” data
kip is a real go
kip is finally caught stealing one morning
kip is just about worthless so one dollar will get you about 7500 kip
kip is a native texan who compiled a career record of 21
kip is a registered professional engineer in 36 states and has the unique expertise to design all three major disciplines
kip is an indian who feels that it is right to volunteer and help the british fight the germans
kip is so full of “self
kip is the best coach for gonzaga
kip is an adjunct professor at duke’s sanford institute for public policy studies and at duke law school
kip is one weighing between 15 and 25 pounds in the green salted state
kip is now an assistant coach at the university of california at berkeley
kip is eager to catalyze educational reforms by working with departments to define what students need and what innovations will help make mit education as
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kip is back with “songs from the ocean floor
kip is good at surfing and he tries to teach henny how to surf but she is hopeless
kip is a frequent speaker at seminars on topics including trial strategies and considerations for transfusion
kip is married with three school age children
kip is one of three major manufacturers of high
kip is caught swiping his breakfast and lands in jail
kip is gay
kip is doing right now
kip is a dynamite drummer
kip is now 19 months old and showing more maturity


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