Just driving home my point.

More chat:

Scarykitty: I waking a boi on meatloaf it so cool [Later, you’ll see what “boi” means.]

Scarykitty: meant watching [Oh. That clears it up.]

The666Diva: meat loaf as in the group? [You mean, the singer?]

Scarykitty: yah he so good [She was an extra in Full Metal Jacket.]

The666Diva: hes brilliant [That apostrophe is hard to reach.]

delgriffith: don’t let your meat loaf lol [har har har]

The666Diva: u wish :D [Does that make sense at all?] [:D = a big animated emoticon that laughs]

Scarykitty: lol [har har har]

delgriffith: mines always loafin lol [har har har]

The666Diva: :D [There’s that laughing emoticon again.]

BlueWest: thot kitty was making us lunch [These are people on computers, not blackberries. Is it that hard to write out “thought”?] [har har har]

The666Diva: wot she making? [Wot? Really? Wot?] [And, follow the train of thoUGHt, Diva. Keep up.]

BlueWest: meat loaf rofl [har har har]

The666Diva: brb fone [Fone? Why? Why not “PHone?”]

Scarykitty: good one blue i knew that i liked you lol [Yeah, good one Blue.]

Scarykitty: ok meatloaf done lol katcup or mouse terds [What, are you 10 years old?]

sthrnbelle: kitty you doing ok this morning

sthrnbelle: how ya doing

Scarykitty: watching a bio on meatlof belle wow it so cool [OH! A BIO, not a boi.]

JckSchitt2004: me ok……… you? [Caveman alert. Love the name, huh?]

sthrnbelle: i bet…you do mean the group right? [You mean the singer, right?]

Scarykitty: the man gave so much they had to give him oxgen on stage just from giving it all in his songs [Was this before or after he lost weight?]
sthrnbelle: i think i have seen that…i loved his music [But not now, apparently.]

sthrnbelle: so what does every one have planned today

Scarykitty: he is a artist in every way [::sigh::]

sthrnbelle: i agree


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