Do you think Courtney will share me with her?

I doubt it. ;) But… I do have good taste, do I not? I really like women who are incredibly smart and funny.

“Gothamist: Sarah Vowell, Author

Who is your favorite president? I guess it’s probably Lincoln. I’m going to go out on a limb and say I like Lincoln. I guess for a lot of reasons; the whole ‘come from nowhere’ kind of thing. Mainly the thing I like about him is just how effective he was. And what haunts me about him is how his efficacy sometimes comes from a place of procrastination; how he changed and grew as a president. When he gets elected he just wants to stave off war and he would have totally sold out the slaves to do that. And then the war happens and at some point during the war he just kind of decides, “Okay, I didn’t want to be the guy to do this but I have to and now this war is about ending slavery.” And if he had been a more radical abolitionist and more outwardly admirable especially to later generations he would have never gotten elected and he could have never gotten that done. There’s something kind of haunting about that to me. Because I’m always attracted to more black-and-white type people; I mean obviously there’s something more heroic about being a straight abolitionist in the 1850s than just being someone who just didn’t want slavery in Kansas. But it’s the person who just didn’t want there to be slavery in Kansas who ended up ending it totally. I’m just interested in the gray area of that.

Who is your least favorite president? Well I guess I have a few bones to pick with the current one. I don’t know that I know enough about all the horrible presidents to make a claim. I would say that this one’s unnecessary body count is as high as anyone I can think of.

Do you think he’s the worst president in history? He might be. He might be. Anyone can be incompetent and some people are just born that way. But just the sheer audacity with which he blunders through his incompetence and the language surrounding it. To decimate the Clean Air Act and call it the Clear Skies Initiative, that kind of thing. Just the audacity of this guy is what makes his incompetence amplify into bigger blunders. Because I’m personally incompetent about a lot of things but I think I have enough self-awareness not to brag about my mistakes and inadequacies.

I don’t know, I mean where do I start? Our place in the world is so precarious now and it’s only getting worse and we’re making so many enemies and we’ve become this sort of big evil joke. And I don’t like to be evil or a joke. It’s the same thing people say about how the symbol of America used to be the Statue of Liberty and now it’s Guantanamo – that’s deeply offensive to me. All that stuff. I’m a believer in all the basic good old American principles like Congressional oversight and not torturing people. I mean, the torture thing is so… I don’t have anything super articulate to say about this. I just get so physically angry all my words turn into screams.”


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