It’s not a small independent French art film, yet Courtney wants to see it!

“I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With – Movie – Review – New York Times

Seeking Special Someone but Finding a Giant Pirate

Published: September 5, 2007

Imagine Larry David’s HBO’s series, “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” without the bile. That’s the tone of “I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With,” the rambling debut feature by Jeff Garlin, a “Curb” regular and one of its executive producers.

Mr. Garlin wrote, directed and stars in this feature, playing James Aaron, a veteran of the Second City improv troupe in Chicago who still lives with his mother (Mina Kolb). He fidgets through Overeaters Anonymous meetings, turns down auditions arranged by his impatient agent (Richard Kind), obsesses over landing the lead in a remake of his favorite movie, “Marty,” and gads about town with his best friend and partner in sarcasm, Luca (David Pasquesi).

He also develops a mild crush on a droll, jazz-loving teacher (Bonnie Hunt) and falls hard for a shockingly funny ice cream parlor employee (Sarah Silverman).

But James’s inevitable personal growth takes a back seat to Mr. Garlin’s digressive sense of humor. The movie carves out space for a late-night candy-hunting trip to a drugstore (where James sees a successful but pompous and neurotic colleague, brilliantly played by Wallace Langham) and a hilarious encounter with another fellow actor (the reliably excellent Joey Slotnick), who is handing out free hot dog samples while wearing a pirate outfit with a huge papier-mâché head.

Laid back and affectionate, “Cheese” is the movie version of a dear friend you could spend all day with.


Opens today in Manhattan; also on Video on Demand”


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