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“REPORTER: So what are your outlook and hopes for U.S.-Malaysia relations, and especially with Malaysia being the 10th largest trading partner?

DUBYA: First of all, I do believe we ought to have — take this notion of trade and have meaningful discussions with a potential free trade agreement with Malaysia. Secondly, I respect Prime Minister Badawi, admire his leadership. When his wife died I tried to call him early just to let him know I cared about him.

REPORTER: He has remarried.

DUBYA: Has he? Good. I’ll congratulate him. Thanks for giving me that heads-up. Don’t put that in the article that you had to tell me that. You can put it in there if you want. I’ll be glad to — I’m going to congratulate him. That’s neat.


DUBYA: What?

WILDER: You did congratulate him.

DUBYA: Exactly. I’m going to congratulate him again. I’ll double the congratulations. That’s right, I did write him a note. I forgot. Did I call him or write him a note?

WILDER: You wrote him a note.

DUBYA: That’s right, yes. Sent him a couple flowers. Anyway, Malaysia is an interesting example of how a free society can deal with movements that could conceivably change and alter the nature of the free society.

— Dubya highlights his close rapport with (and flawless memory of) Malyasian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in round table interview with foreign journalists, White House, Aug. 30, 2007″


One response

  1. Dave

    Why the fuck didn’t Yogi “fucking” bear run in ’04?

    I’m just glad the “news” is nice and quiet about our idiot in charge, it’s national security after all!

    October 8, 2007 at 12:53 am

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