@#(*&@#! You’re hired!

Erin sent this to me, and I can tell that she is VERY relieved.

“F-Yeah! Swearing At Work Is OK, Study Finds – Money News Story – WAPT Jackson
British University Finds Swearing Can Benefit Employers

POSTED: 7:09 am CDT October 18, 2007
UPDATED: 10:44 am CDT October 18, 2007
Allowing staff to swear at work can benefit them and their employers, according to researchers at a British university.

Yehuda Baruch, professor of management at the the University of East Anglia’s Norwich Business School, and graduate Stuart Jenkins looked at the use of expletives and swearing in the workplace from a management point of view.

They identified the relevance and even importance of using non-conventional and sometimes uncivil language at work and how it may have a positive impact.

The study found regular use of profanity to express and reinforce solidarity among staff can enable them to express their feelings and develop social relationships.

Baruch said their aim was to challenge leadership styles and suggest ideas for best practice.

“Employees use swearing on a continuous basis, but not necessarily in a negative, abusive manner,” Baruch said. “Swearing was as a social phenomenon to reflect solidarity and enhance group cohesiveness, or as a psychological phenomenon to release stress.”

“Most of the cases were reported by employees at the lower levels of the organizational hierarchies and it was clear that executives use swearing language less frequently,” he said. “The primary issue for management is whether or not to apply a tolerant leadership culture to the workplace and deliberately allow swearing.””

Click the article headline to read the last teeny bit that’s left.


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