Colbert & The Colonel

From Dan:

NY Daily News

A Bucket Of Chicken In Every Home!

A publicity stunt on top of a publicity stunt. Now that’s top-notch spin.

KFC released a copy of a letter it sent to Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert, offering him the ultimate consolation prize for his rejection by the South Carolina Democratic Party: The chance to be president for one day of the fried chicken conglomerate.

The company’s Louisville, KY headquarters is known as the White House.

“Your day as president would begin with a “swearing in” ceremony, where you’ll place your hand on the book containing the Colonel’s secret recipe,” wrote KFC President Gregg Dedrick. “Your first official duty would be to help us sort the “left wings” from the “right wings.” We’d also like you to hold a “State of the Chicken” address with some of America’s most dedicated restaurant managers.One of the best things about being KFC president for a day is that you don’t have to choose sides. We have plenty of mashed potatoes and gravy, cole slaw and macaroni and cheese to go around, and KFC will allow you the liberty of enjoying all of our sides!”


“With the ongoing writers’ strike, I assume there is some free time on your calendar. I look forward to giving you a tour of your White House office soon.”

The letter went out today. No response back yet from Colbert, I’m told. (And yes, I did check with KFC, and this is not a hoax. They provided the photo).



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