Catalogue for Philanthropy

Veronique sent a link to me for the web site of the Catalogue for Philanthropy. Go take a look. They have the charities broken out into different categories, like: Nature, Culture, Education, etc.

From their “About Us” page:


The Catalogue for Philanthropy: Greater Washington introduces you to the wide world of smaller, local charities – with budgets below $2 million. Though they comprise about 85% of all nonprofits, the public rarely hears about them because most cannot afford to make themselves heard. Yet dollar-for-dollar, they offer some of the most cost-effective opportunities for philanthropy. If “making a difference” is one of your goals, then excellent smaller charities may be for you.

2003 in Washington DC; 2004 in Greater Washington

Published (in print) and Updated (on the web):
Annually, early November

Hard-copy: by mail, free of charge, to over 30,000 individuals and families in Greater Washington; by request at our website; to all prior donors; and to interested groups. On the web since November 2003, to all interested visitors.

To raise public awareness of, and respect for, philanthropy;
To create visibility for excellent, trustworthy nonprofits in Greater Washington;
To increase and improve charitable giving in the Washington, DC region.”


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