In the TRAVEL SECTION, people.

Someone felt the need to send this message to the Washington Post:

“Stalin Souvenirs

I WAS BOTH horrified and ashamed to read your “Souvenir of the Month” item [Feb. 10].

SAFE dolls, I guess.

An American who collects Stalin memorabilia? What next? Cute Hitler dolls? How about Kim Jong Il puppets? This guy’s “discounted kitsch” is to many millions of others a reminder of such decidedly unfunny subjects as fear, torture, deportation and mass murder.

The Post owes an apology to those readers who suffered as a result of Stalin’s reign of terror (which includes just about every citizen of the former Soviet Union), as well as to those of us who find it distasteful that forlorn tributes to brutal dictators could be “cool, weird or funny” collectibles for Americans.

John Buchanan



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