Great headline, too.

From Janis:  Laughed out loud at this one. I bet these are on you tube….

Politicians Spanked by Virgin

By Al Kamen
Friday, March 14, 2008; A15

Seems just about everyone has been seizing on New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer‘s misfortune to score legislative points or make a buck.

RH Reality Check, an online abortion rights publication, has been pushing to drop language in an international AIDS-prevention bill that would require health organizations to sign a pledge condemning prostitution.

In an online message Tuesday, the group noted the irony of Spitzer’s “visiting prostitutes while Congress is forcing” the organizations to sign the pledge.

British entrepreneur Richard Branson‘s mobile-phone company weighed in quickly after the scandal broke. It is using Spitzer in Canadian newspaper ads touting a warmer, more personal service.

A photo of Spitzer, Love Client No. 9, has a bubble that says “I’m tired of being treated like a number.”

Well, not to worry, gov’ner. “At Virgin Mobile, you’re more than just a number,” the ad says. “When you call us we’ll treat you like a person, not a client. Whether you’re #9 or #900, you’ll get hooked up with somebody who’ll finally treat you just how you want to be treated.”

A Virgin ad last week focused on lower rates and featured Hillary Clinton with this thought bubble: “I wish my bill wasn’t so out of control.” Switching to Virgin Mobile’s “no-con contracts” the ad says, will let you “finally put your bill back in its place,” and show you “how you can get your bill to behave.”

A Barack Obama ad will be out shortly, said Virgin chief marketing officer Nathan Rosenberg. “There is a brilliant photo of him in his swimwear we are quite fond of,” he said, and “we also think he is probably wondering if they will hear my ‘call for change.’ ”

But no John McCain? The GOP candidate will be happy — or maybe not — to know that the company intends “to give him fair representation,” Rosenberg said. But “all the action and craziness is on the Democratic side right now. . . . We haven’t been inspired.””


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