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I drove to CPK to pick up lunch today, which is a long 30+ minute round trip. I rarely get to do that, and it’s a guilty pleasure of mine for a number of reasons. During the drive, I listened to WAMU, the local NPR station. Marc Fisher of the Washington Post (not one of my favorite columnists, I must say, because he doesn’t see the need for punishing high school pranks like taping someone’s butt cheeks together with duct tape – I’m paraphrasing, but you get the idea) was filling in for Kojo Nnamdi (a very popular NPR figure who just rubs me the wrong way).

ANYway… the topic was:

12:26 Beyond (Straight & Gay) Marriage

Last week, the California Supreme Court ruled that gay couples can legally wed. Yet some pro-gay rights activists say the emphasis on allowing gay ‘marriage’ is misplaced. Kojo finds out how the law views families, and what impact California’s decision may have in local communities.


Nancy Polikoff, Professor, American University’s Washington College of Law; and author of “Beyond (Straight and Gay) Marriage: Valuing All Families under the Law” (Beacon Books)

Neither the recording nor the transcript is available yet – too soon. But please check back and listen when time permits. Ms. Polikoff gives an interesting approach to and possible solution for the “culture clash” resulting from the gay marriage debate. I especially enjoyed her assertion that laws that give benefits or rights to married couples are, in fact, SPECIAL rights (because they are rights not available to everyone), and that the intent and purpose of each law pertaining to married couples should be reviewed and revised.



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  1. Hey, watch how you use my neighborhood in a curse!

    May 22, 2008 at 4:38 pm

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