Booze, Blow, and Bush: A Love Story

Booze, Blow, and Bush: A Love Story
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  • Image of MrInBetween MrInBetween at 05:59 PM on 05/28/08

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    Everyone voted for him in 2000 because they decided they’d rather have a beer with him than Al Gore. Then when we later learned he gave up booze cold turkey, and that he wasn’t really a compassionate conservative, and that he in fact DID believe in nation-building, and that his No Child Left Behind thing left behind millions of children, and that he swore he believed in Christ but didn’t act anything like him, and that he would not in fact restore dignity to the White House, and that he would mislead the country to get us into an outrageous war, and that he had all these scary unresolved Daddy issues, and that he thought it was a big deal to give up his golf game because 4,000 soldiers died in a misbegotten war… well, then, it felt kind of like a, watchamacallit, a gyp. And now no American wants to share even a near-bear with him.


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