I coast a lot.

Hypermiling :: No more need to compare gas prices

After hearing about Hypermilers on NPR, I decided to try a few of their techniques. Fortunately, the Miata is a stick shift, so it’s easier for me to shift into neutral. If the light ahead is red, I pull the car into neutral and coast to the light. If I’m going downhill, I put it in neutral and coast until I start to lose speed.

But I do more than just coast downhill. If I want to drive with the top down, I put it down BEFORE I start the car. I also roll down the windows BEFORE I start the car. Alternatively, I stop the car and THEN put up the top and roll up the windows.

I make a conscious effort to parallel park as efficiently as possible.

So far, I think I’ve added 30 miles to my tank of gas. Isn’t that amazing?

It makes me think that Driver’s Ed should teach fuel-efficient driving.


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