Have your photo taken with the Lamb of God!

Just like our friend, Marynell, did:

Hangin\' wit da Notorious L.O.G.

“Christian theme park a holy land experience – USATODAY.com
ORLANDO — Jesus Christ is crucified and resurrected here six days a week.

Snarling Roman soldiers whip and drag him, and somber audience members watch. Some quietly weep at a pageant bloody and cruel.

It is the grand finale at the Holy Land Experience, and not the attraction most tourists envision in an Orlando vacation. Just miles from Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando and SeaWorld in this city’s overstimulated tourist corridor, Holy Land has in its six years of operation aimed to recreate Jerusalem of Biblical times.

The attraction opened in 2001, the vision of a New Jersey preacher who came South to expand his reach. It was controversial because the Rev. Marvin Rosenthal is a Baptist born Jewish, and now considers himself a “Hebrew Christian” or “Messianic Jew.” That means he believes Jesus is the Messiah, contrary to traditional Jewish beliefs. Some local Jews were upset he was creating an attraction, and their conflict made international news when the park started.

“We were given tremendous promotion by the fact that there were a few voices that didn’t want to see us open the facility,” Rosenthal said. “Consequently, the media got wind of that and I wound up being on most of the networks. Good Morning America, Good Night America, Good Afternoon America, The O’Reilly Factor. I had people coming from Russia, from Israel, from South America, from Europe. Out of that event we received what had to be many millions of dollars worth of publicity.

Audience members are encouraged to participate. Jesus walked among them with a wireless microphone, calling children and picking one up. Excited parents with digital and disposable cameras crept forward as their kids fidgeted and kicked at sand.

Lisa Bell, 42, husband David Bell, 50, and their 2-year-old son came from Ripley, Tenn., after seeing Holy Land on Trinity. She said they didn’t consider attending the other parks.

“Oh no. Jesus was just holding him,” Lisa Bell said, nodding to her sunburned son. “He knows who Jesus is.””


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