Click the link below to see the photo.  ;)

“Go Fug Yourself: Because Fugly Is The New Pretty

Separately, these pieces might be lovely — the skirt and shoes in particular seem kind of girly and romantic. But I don’t think the two halves belong as a whole. The top is a gentle lemon sorbet, and the bottom is ice cream from a tub where you’ve been using the same scoop to dig into bins of five different flavors and so there’s bits of them all contaminating each other’s containers and melding together into a muddy Pistachio Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla Peach Melba Swirl flavor. You wouldn’t put that accidental sundae in a dish and serve it as dessert, unless it was called Queasy Like Sundae Morning and came with a complimentary bucket.”

And then there’s this one, too!

“You know that if the Tin Man had been in a disco band, his backup dancers would’ve worn this jumpsuit. I could throw her up on my dashboard to reflect the hot LA sunlight back off my windshield, although I am also tempted to put last night’s dinner on her stomach and fold her up into a swan.”


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