My random thoughts during the All Star game

Got all choked up during the introductions. Look at all the old guys! Yogi!!

No, they were not saying “Youuuuuuuuu”. They were saying, “Boooooooooo.”  It’s Yankee Stadium, for God’s sake.

Yay! Jeter’s a starter! (Yeah, I know all you haters out there)

Wow. Al Kaline looks like he’s been embalmed.

Willie Mays looks cranky. And did he just ignore Josh Hamilton? On purpose?

I still think that was George Brett at ‘Wich Craft at Caesar’s Palace in Vegas.

Steinbrenner doesn’t know where he is.

Rudy Giuliani shouldn’t even BE there, let alone in a Yankees cap.

Jeter gets a “hit” and steals second.

Obviously thinking it’s the post season, A-Rod pops up behind home plate.

No, I DON’T want to hear Josh Hamilton’s story. Again. But I wouldn’t mind seeing the tats.

Even Yogi makes more sense than Tim McCarver!

It’s really a shame that Ichiro plays in Seattle.

Time for another mojito.

What’d I miss? An erectile dysfunction ad? Thank god. I can’t believe the world has revolved around something so incredibly fallible. Get it? PHALLible.

The guy on the NCAA ’09 ad has girl hair.

Wow. It’s the 4th inning already!

A-Rod fouls one off. A-Rod is now 0-2. A-Rod struck out. WHIFF! Way to go A-Rod.

Zambrano throws an Eephus pitch to Manny Ramirez! Whooo!

Manny’s out, 4-3.

Milton Bradley is picked off! LOL! Ooops.

FUCK, I hate it when music on my iPod is used in a commercial. Note to self: delete it.

YES! Grady Sizemore is black!

Irvin Santana looks like a little kid in his baggy uniform. (His first name is really Johan, according to Courtney.)

HR by Holliday! Throw it back! Throw it back!

Doesn’t Santana know this one counts?!

A-Rod is taken out of the game.




No, YOU Fukudome!

Japanese hitters bat like U.S. softball players. Anybody notice that?

Buck and MccCarver keep saying the park was built for $2.5 million back in 1922-23.  Okay, but what about the renovations?  This isn’t the same park!  There were renovations in the 70s!  What did those cost?


Haha! Recordificate! Pah-oosay. LOL! Dumbass W. “Goodbye from the world’s number one polluter.


What’s a Pirate doing on the field??

“You can understand from the Cardinals’ viewpoint with Mark Mulder, and you can understand Oakland’s viewpoint, uh… with the Diamonbacks.”  Classic McCarver.

I think we need to get DVR so we can replay Tim McCarver. Courtney disagrees.

Chase Utley made a great grab and tag attempt at the stealing runner. WOW.

MY EYES! MY EYES! Bud Selig is flanked by Sheryl Crow and Sarah Jessica Parker (who looks like she should eat soon. SOON.)

Der-ek Je-ter ::clap clap clapclapclap::

Some kid was holding up a lame sign that says, “FULL OF EXCITEMENT” so it would spell FOX. Suck-up.

C’mon Derek. Homer. Right field.

Glenallen Hill is a coach for the Rockies? Well, those who can’t DO… teach.

Damn. Ground out. At least Jeter got on base earlier. A-Rod? Nope.

LOVE the Lou Pinella ad. “Say hello to the missus.”

Moooooooooooooooo Rivera is fixin’ to warm up.

Yay Varitek! (That was for Matt & Janis.)

Chase Utley is pretty cute. Our friend Abby thinks so, and I agree.

omg. The National League is going to win the World Series. I can feel it.

Standing O for Derek.

Albert Pujols has great teeth.

That whole Jeter interview was just CRAP. “Gotta thank Major League Baseball…”  “… oh yeah. When you think of the Yankees, you think of Steinbrenner. Can’t say that about any other owners…” Or some similar crap.

I heard a story about Jeter recently, and I’ve lost some respect for him. ::SIGH::

Larry (Chipper) Jones just struck out. Laaarrrrryyyyyyy.

Uh oh. It’s almost bedtime, and it’s only the 6th inning.

Courtney called Sarah, who explained how she was scolded by a colonial wigmaker. Turns out the Williamsburg wigmaker was not impressed by Sarah’s assessment that the half wigs (for poor people who couldn’t afford whole wigs) were basically hair “dickeys”.

Oh GOD NO! The Josh Hamilton story!!!! Nooooooooooo!

Joe Crede has a good baseball name.

JOE is a good baseball name.




Must. go. to. bed.

I’ll get the final score in the morning.


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  1. LOVE it!

    July 22, 2008 at 9:33 pm

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